1956 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce in Garnet

The 1956 Rolls Royce, in garnet, is a show stopper for any and all occasions!

This Park Ward limousine is coach-built and is the definition of luxury.

We recently added the 1956 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce to our fleet of vintage rentals in the summer of 2014.

This vintage Rolls Royce is right hand drive, and has air conditioning to allow for a luxurious and comfortable ride, even on those hot summer days.

There is a division between the front and rear compartments and an abundance of leg room. It even has foot rests to make long days of standing comfortable!

This unique vintage limousine carries four passengers, plus the driver. It seats three in the back and one in the front.

The rear compartment features pull-down picnic trays with original crystal bar so you can toast to any and all occasions.

This rare vehicle is one of twelve in the world and was once owned by Robert Goldstein, a Hollywood film producer.

If you want to bring an old Hollywood feel to your wedding or special occasion, contact us today!


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1956 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce in Garnet, A Rolls Choice Livery

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